University of California, Berkeley

Contact: Compensation Unit by Assignment

Compensation Team Department Assignments

For an alphabetical list of departments showing staff assignments, please see the table below. 

Compensation Staff

Scott Dinkelspiel (SD)
Compensation Operations Manager

642-2799 or
Name Title Telephone Email Address
Amy Aguon (AA) Comp Consultant 642-6693
Ken Robin (KR) Comp Advisor 643-3419
June Ramirez (JR) Comp Consultant 643-0645

Compensation Department Assignments

The list is alphabetical by department name. Use the list below to jump to individual sections, or use Control-F to find your department name.

ID Department Comp Consultant
EQCAF Acad Compliance & Disability AA
UNSLA Academic Achievement Programs KR
EPAPO Academic Personnel Office AA
KGACS Academic Senate AA
AECOI Admin Information Technology AA
UEAEO Admiss & Enroll Immed Ofc KR
UGARS Admissions & Rel w/ Schs KR
LAASC Africa Studies Ctr for JR
SAAMS African Am Studies SD
HTAHN Ancient His & Med Arch SD
JSACU Animal Care & Use JR
SZANT Anthropology SD
JKASD Application Services AA
NSARF Archaeological Res Facility JR
HARTH Art History SD
KNBAM Art Mus & Pacific Film Archive AA
LQAPR Art Practice SD
HHDNO Arts & Humanities Dean's Off SD
NWARC Arts Research Center SD
FWHHS Asso VC Hlth & HS Immed Office AA
UMSLD Asst Vice Provost-Undergrad Ed KR
PAAST Astronomy SD
FVAUX ASUC Business Auxiliary KR
UWASC Athletic Study Center AA
FDAUD Audit & Advisory Services AA
FICIO AVC BAS Immediate Office AA
AVBRP AVC Budg Res Plan Immed Office AA
AJPAF AVC Public Affairs AA
OSRAC AVC Res Admin & Compliance JR
JVBRG B Bain Research Group SD
KNEXD BAM PFA Annual Giving JR
KNEXP BAM PFA Audience Development JR
KNBLD BAM PFA Building Projects JR
KNEXT BAM PFA External Relations JR
KNPCU BAM PFA General Operations JR
FBFAP BAS Faculty Athletic Rep AA
LLSIS Berkeley International Office JR
HBBLC Berkeley Language Ctr SD
JWBMR Berkeley Multimedia Res Ctr JR
NQBSL Berkeley Seismological Lab SD
IDBSD Biological Sc Dean's Off SD
OHBLM Blackhawk Museums JR
OXBOR Blue Oak Reserve JR
OMBDE Blum Ctr for Developing Econs AA
CLLAW Boalt Law School AA
HWBUD Buddhist Studies SD
ACBUD Budget Office AA
FKMTM Business Services-Marchant AA
POCIE Cal Inst for Energy & Environ JR
KKCAP Cal Performances JR
ASEBD California Biodiversity Center JR
EYCCC Campus Climate & Compliance AA
USSAS Campus Life and Leadership KR
NKCRL Cancer Research Lab SD
UPCAR Career Center KR
AOCYP Center Child Youth Policy JR
AMCAS Center for Atmospheric Studies JR
KJCRG Center for Race & Gender AA
QJCTE Center for Teaching Excellence AA
ANIPS Center Integrative Planetary JR
ARMHL Center Med, Hum, Law JR
ATSSC Center Sexual Culture JR
KFSHE Center Studies in Higher Ed AA
APCTP Center Tebtunis Papyri JR
AACHN Chanc Office AA
NBCHB Chemical Biodynamics JR
DCCRP City & Regional Planning JR
LSCLA Classics SD
JICCS Client Services AA
EFBIO COENG Bioengineering SD
EGCEE COENG Civil & Environ Engineer SD
EHEEC COENG Elec Engr & Computer Sc SD
EERES COENG Engineering Research SD
EIIEO COENG Industrial Eng & Ops Res SD
EJMSM COENG Material Sci & Engineering SD
EKMEG COENG Mechanical Engineering SD
ELNUC COENG Nuclear Engineering SD
CDCDN Coll of Chem Dean KR
QKCWP College Writing Programs SD
KEFEE Committee on Student Fees AA
HKCLF Comp Lit & French Admin SD
HLCOM Comparative Literature SD
KHCOA Consortium of the Arts SD
FPCNT Controller Immed Ofc AA
NHEDR Ctr Environ Design Research JR
UIAPA Ctr for Educational Partnerships KR
CNCND Ctr for Emerg & Neglected Dis JR
CGEGA Ctr of Eval for Global Action JR
PQPAS Ctr Particle Astrophysics SD
NJCLS Ctr Study of Law & Society AA
UTREE Ctrs Trans Reent Studt Parents KR
JLSTP Data Services AA
DUSEL Deep Underground Sci & Eng Lab JR
SDDEM Demography SD
DBARC Dept of Architecture JR
CEEEG Dept of Chemical Engineering KR
CCHEM Dept Of Chemistry KR
AIDVO Development Office AA
UXDSP Disabled Students' Prgm KR
ISDCN Diving Control JR
ORDNN Donner Laboratory JR
LNDCP Dwinelle Computing Facility SD
PGEGE Earth & Planetary Science SD
NCEER Earthquake Engin Res Ctr SD
HGEAL East Asian Languages & Cult SD
SECON Economics SD
URMED Educational Technology Services JR
ITEML Electron Microscope Lab SD
EVERG Energy & Resources Group ERG AA
OOEBI Energy Biosciences Institute JR
HENGL English SD
DACED Envir Design Dean's Off JR
FHEHS Environment, Health & Safety AA
OCMEE Essig Mus of Entomology JR
SBETH Ethnic Studies SD
KAEVC Exec Vice Chanc & Prov Dept AA
FREXM Extramural Funds Accounting AA
ALPDC Facilities Services Operations AA
ERFEO Faculty Equity Office AA
NLBRS Field Stn Behavioral Research JR
HUFLM Film Studies SD
AFINM Fin & Mgmt Analysis SD
FSBUS Financial Acctg & Operations AA
UFFAO Financial Aid Office KR
OWFCR Fisher Center for Real Estate AA
LUEUR France Berkeley Fund AA
AUFGL Functional Genomics Lab JR
SWOME Gender and Women's Studies SD
BNGEQ Gender Equity Resource Ctr KR
ESGIS Geographic Info Science Center AA
SGEOG Geography SD
HOGSP German Span & Port Admin SD
CASPP Goldman Sch of Public Policy JR
AYGCA Government & Community Affairs AA
BLOPP Graduate Diversity Program KR
OLGDD Graduate Division Dean KR
OZGUM Gump Research Field Station JR
UJCCS H&DS Child Care Services KR
ULNSS H&DS New Student Services KR
BCHCI Haas Centers and Institutes JR
BAHSB Haas School of Business JR
EUNEU Helen Wills Neuroscience Inst JR
SHIST History SD
JYHST History of Sci & Technology JR
UKHDS Housing & Dining Services KR
FMHUM Human Resources SD
IEIRP Independent Research Programs JR
OVIAO Industry Alliances Office JR
JJCNS Infrastructure Services AA
LBEAS Inst East Asian Studies JR
NFEEH Inst for Environ Sci & Engr SD
NXBER Inst of Bus & Econ Research JR
NTICS Inst of Cognitive Studies JR
NUIGS Inst of Governmental Studies JR
NYIHD Inst of Human Development JR
NZIIR Inst of Industrial Relations JR
NVPSR Inst of Personality & Soc Res JR
JDURD Inst of Urban & Regional Devel JR
JAISC Inst Study of Social Change JR
NGITS Inst Transportation Studies JR
NAIMI Institute for Business Innov AA
NIEWL Institute for Legal Research AA
LDINT Institute International Stud JR
LCIES Institute of European Studies JR
EZBIE Institute of the Environment JR
IBIBI Integrative Biology SD
OTUIL Intellct Prop/Indstry Res Alnc JR
FNATH Intercollegiate Athletics AA
LMOIH International House AA
QIIAS Intl & Area Stud Tchg Prgm SD
LIIAS Intl & Area Studies JR
KIVEO Intl Visitors & Exchange Ofc AA
IZDEP IST - Office of the Deputy CIO AA
HQISS Italian Scan & Slavic Admin SD
HITAL Italian Studies SD
HJEWI Jewish Studies SD
QALSD L&S Deans' Office SD
QCADV L&S Undergraduate Advising SD
DFLAE Landscape Arch & Envir Plng JR
LELAS Latin Am Studies Ctr for JR
OKLHS Lawrence Hall of Science KR
UUNON LBL Guest House AA
SLING Linguistics SD
PMATH Mathematics SD
HPMED Medieval Studies SD
LFMES Middle Eastern Studies JR
JOMIL Miller Inst Basic Research JR
IMMCB Molecular & Cell Biology SD
OEMPA Mus of Paleontology JR
OFMVZ Mus of Vertebrate Zoology JR
OUNNI Nanosci & Nanoengineering Inst JR
HNNES Near Eastern Studies SD
LXNMA New Music & Audio Tech SD
JROLA Off of Laboratory Animal Care JR
JTCHS Offc fr Protectn of Human Subj JR
JFAVC Office of Chief Info Officer AA
JQOTL Office of Technology Licensing JR
UHREG Office of the Registrar KR
AWEXO Op Excellence- Project Office AA
BPOPC Optometry Clinic JR
UYOLI Osher Lifelong Learning Inst AA
OGHMA PA Hearst Mus of Anthropology JR
FTRAN Parking & Transportation AA
HCPHI Philosophy SD
HCPHI Philosophy SD
FJPPS Physical Plant Campus Services AA
PDPSD Physical Sc Dean's Off SD
PHYSI Physics SD
ADPAO Planning & Analysis Office AA
SPOLS Political Science SD
EBEDP Professional Devel Prgm KR
SYPSY Psychology SD
IQBBB QB3 Institute JR
NPRAL Radio Astronomy Lab JR
AWREO Real Estate Services Office AA
FOREC Recreational Sports AA
OJDRS Res Field Stns & Nature Reserve JR
RRESS Research Enterprise Supp Svcs JR
HRHET Rhetoric SD
LORFS Rhetoric & Film Std Admin SD
QLROT ROTC Military Affairs SD
HSCAN Scandinavian Languages SD
EAEDU School of Education JR
MMIMS School of Information JR
DJOUR School of Journalism Dept JR
BOOPT School of Optometry Dean JR
CPSPH School of Public Health JR
CSSSW Sch of Social Welfare JR
AZCSS Shared Services AA
AZFIN Shared Services Finance-BusSrv AA
AZHRS Shared Services Human Resource SD
AZITS Shared Services Info Technol AA
AZRAD Shared Services Research Admin JR
LGSEE Slavic & East Euro Studies JR
LTSLL Slavic Languages & Literature JR
JHSSC Social Sci Computing Lab AA
SSSSD Social Science Dean's Off SD
SISOC Sociology SD
HVSSA South & Southeast Asian Std SD
LHSAS South Asian Studies JR
LJSEA Southeast Asian Studies Ctr JR
AGSPC Space Mgmt & Capital Programs AA
JBSSL Space Sciences Laboratory JR
LPSPP Spanish & Portuguese SD
JPSPO Sponsored Projects Office JR
BESDI Staff Diversity Initiatives KR
FGOMG Staff Ombuds Office AA
PSTAT Statistics SD
OYSCC Stem Cell Center JR
BGSAG Student Achv Guided by Exp KR
UDDVO Student Affairs - Developmt Off KR
UOSLC Student Learning Ctr AA
UVSLA Student Life Advising Svs KR
KLSMA Student Musical Activities AA
UBOSS Student Services Systems KR
EWSUM Summer Sessions KR
JCSRC Survey Research Ctr JR
JNWWS Technology Acquisition & Sales AA
HDRAM Theater, Dance, & Perf Studies SD
NRTAC Theoretical Astrophysics Ctr JR
LRTOW Townsend Ctr Humanities SD
ETRET UC Berkeley Retirement Center AA
OIBOT UC Botanical Garden JR
ONENI UC Energy Inst JR
FLPRN UC Printing Services AA
JETRA UC Transportation Ctr JR
QBUDL Undergrad Div Dean's Office SD
QHUIS Undergrad Interdisc Studies SD
QPUPA Undergrad Policy and Analysis SD
EXUNX University Extension JR
FYUHS University Health Service Ops KR
FUPOL University Police AA
AHURL University Relations AA
ODMJH University/Jepson Herbaria JR
AKVCC V Chanc Facilities Services AA
UCIMO VC Student Affairs Immed Off KR
FQFIN VC-Admin Finan Planning & Bdgt AA
FAVCO VC-Admin Immediate Office AA
BBEQI VC-E&I Immediate Office KR
OAVCR VCR Immediate Office JR
EOVPI VP AAFW Immediate Office AA
ENAPF VP T,L,AP&F Immediate Office AA
BIMUS Young Musicians Program KR