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Hiring Freeze Process (non-academic positions)

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To create temporary salary savings and/or permanent savings by delaying the filling of positions or eliminating the need to fill a position.

Positions affected

All career and contract staff positions with or without end dates, excluding:

  1. positions fully funded by contracts and grants,
  2. short term limited appointments intended as backfill for career employees on leave or otherwise limited to less than 6 months, and
  3. per diem appointments.

Renewal of a 6 month limited appointment must go through the regular approval process.


  1. Requisitions to fill a position must be reviewed and approved prior to posting by the appropriate individual. (Please see the list below of those who have delegated authority to approve hiring freeze exception requests.)
  2. Those with delegated authority will be expected to ensure that their decisions are based on compelling justifications submitted on the Request Form for Exception to Hire  (Word).
  3. Decisions of those with delegated authority may be:
    1. Proceed with hire
    2. Delay hiring until the date indicated
    3. Do not hire
  4. Approval to fill a position is based on meeting at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Impact on the teaching or research mission of the university.
      1. Eliminating the position or a delay in filling the position would jeopardize the teaching or research mission of the university.
    2. The criticality of the position for the functionality of the unit.
      1. There are no other options available through reassignment or reconfiguration.
      2. The position is legally mandated and a decision not to fill the position would result in penalties to the campus.
      3. Failure to fill the position would result in a loss of funding from sources other than contracts and grants.
      4. There would be financial or reputational damage if the search were suspended.
  5. The justification submitted should include an explanation of efforts to:
    1. restructure or cluster staffing with complementary units, and/or
    2. change business processes to reduce the number of positions needed.
  6. Requisitions for recruitments should be sent to Human Resources using the current automated process, once an exception has been approved by the appropriate individual.   It is the responsibility of the hiring department to acquire the necessary approvals before submitting the requisition to HR for posting.
  7. Those with delegated authority are responsible for informing their managers of the process for seeking exceptions to the hiring freeze.

Positions with Delegated Authority

Vice Chancellor Gibor Basri
Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy
Vice Chancellor Edward Denton
Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming
Vice Chancellor Harry LeGrande
Vice Chancellor Frank Yeary
Vice Provost Cathy Koshland
Vice Provost Sheldon Zedeck
Dean Henry Brady
Dean Janet Broughton
Dean Christopher Edley, Jr.
Dean Keith Gilless
Dean Neil Henry
Dean Carla Hesse
Dean Dennis Levi
Dean Richard Lyons
Dean Richard Mathies
Dean Lorraine Midanik
Acting Dean Albert Pisano
Dean David Pearson
Dean Mark Richards
Dean AnnaLee Saxenian
Dean Mark Schlissel
Dean Stephen Shortell
Dean Tyler Stovall
Dean Andrew Szeri
Dean Jennifer Wolch
University Librarian Thomas Leonard
Chair Christopher Kutz
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor - IT & CIO Lyle Nevels
Director Larry Rinder
Director Matiás Tarnopolsky


The Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost will monitor compliance with the hiring freeze on a periodic basis.  Further details about this process have been issued to those with delegated authority.

See the Frequently Asked Questions on this topic for more information. Any further questions should be forwarded to your manager or control unit administrator.