Layoff: First Things First

Even if you don't have time to read all the material you've received, or if you don't feel like it immediately, make sure to take care of these five things. Details are included in the information you have received from your department.

  • Check the contract or personnel policy that covers your appointment to learn about your rights and responsibilities.
  • Be sure to attend the appointment scheduled for you with a Recruiter in Employment Services.
  • Know about your benefits. Some deadlines are extremely important and can affect what happens to your health or retirement benefits. Find out how to apply for unemployment insurance, what will happen to your health and other insurance, and check on deadlines for making a decision about retirement.
  • If you are feeling very upset by what has happened, think about contacting CARE Services or check your health plan for information about what services are covered.
  • Read the resource list on this website and take advantage of the information, resources, and support that is available to you.