Flexible Work Arrangements: Partial-Year Career Appointments

Partial-Year Career Appointments are useful when the department has significant, predictable down times, or when the employee needs (or prefers) to be away from work for predictable, extended periods.


  • The student advising unit has very little to do during the summer months when students are away and wants to reduce staff to the optimal size for this quiet period.
  • The employee wants, and can afford, to be off during the summer when young children are home from school.
  • The employee has elderly parents in another country and wants to pay an extended visit each year.

Other Considerations:

  • Partial-year career appointments can facilitate " right-sizing " to meet fluctuating departmental workloads, creating considerable savings in personnel costs.
  • These appointments can help the campus recruit dual-career couples in which one is an academic and the other is staff, by enabling the staff person's schedule to more closely match that of the academic.
  • By providing continuity of employment, departments can avoid the instability that results with short-term, temporary positions.
  • Short-term temporary positions may be cheaper than partial-year career appointments in terms of payroll dollars-but these savings need to be balanced against increased recruiting and training costs and potential lower productivity.