Telecommuting Policy

Telecommuting Policy for Staff Employees

Telecommuting is one of many flexible work arrangements that campus departments may establish for their staff, to enable them to achieve a more successful balance between work responsibilities and family life (others include flexible schedules, part-time and partial-year appointments, job sharing, alternate work days, and alternate work weeks.)

Departments are urged to carefully review both advantages and disadvantages before setting up new telecommuting agreements, to explore the wide variety of arrangements possible, and to address potential problem areas. Pilot programs may be helpful in determining what type of arrangement will be most effective. Also, departments that currently have telecommuting agreements are encouraged to review the policy and guidelines before renewing those arrangements, to ensure consistency of application and equitable treatment throughout the department. Remember, however, that what will work well for one position or person might not work for another. Success depends on both the nature of the work and the nature of the worker.

Here are some links to help you create a telecommuting arrangement:

Your Employee Relations Consultant in Human Resources is available to assist you as you investigate telecommuting and other flexible work arrangements with your employees.