University of California, Berkeley

Policy 20: Recruitment

NOTE: The following procedures supplement Personnel Policy 20. Each section should be read with the related policy section (UCOP).


To enhance promotional and transfer opportunities, the department head or designee shall inform departmental employees of all departmental job vacancies for career positions at all classification levels for which recruitment is being conducted.

In collaboration with the hiring department, the HR Employment Services Unit will recruit for applicants in appropriate labor markets as widely and for as much time as is necessary to obtain a diverse pool of qualified applicants to enable the department to make good faith efforts toward meeting affirmative action objectives while hiring the most qualified candidate. The Employment Unit may publicize, as appropriate, either specific job vacancies or categories of employment opportunities that are generally available.

Listing of Vacancies

The department head, assisted by the HR Compensation Unit, shall analyze positions to identify important and critical job duties and tasks and to identify knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualifications required for successful job performance.

"Job Listings" is the official campus publication for all staff vacancies.

  1. Minimum Qualifications are the knowledge, skills and abilities that are at the baseline needed to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position.
  2. When a vacancy occurs, the department notifies all persons who have right to recall. (See Policy 60.) If no one has right to recall, the department drafts or updates the position description and prepares the job vacancy listing along with a Physical, Environmental, and Mental Demands form (PEM).
  3. The department should also note on the job vacancy listing any affirmative action goals. (This information is available through the control unit staff affirmative action plans or through the Staff Equity and Diversity Services.)
  4. The department, in consultation with the Employment Analyst, develops a recruitment and outreach plan, including targeted outreach to underutilized groups, as early in the process as possible.
  5. The department sends the position description and job vacancy listing to Compensation if the position is new or if there have been significant changes. If not, it is sent directly to Employment.
  6. The Employment Analyst reviews the applicant pool to see if it is diversified. If it is not, the Employment Analyst may suggest additional outreach efforts to diversify the pool.

Filing Date

Applications must be received by the close of business on the final filing date. All positions must be listed for a minimum of two weeks, and may be placed on "until filled" status thereafter, if there is need to accept applications after the initial closing date. Applications and resumes may be reviewed and candidates interviewed until a candidate has been offered and accepted the position. Departments are not to interview applicants nor offer employment until the initial filing date has passed and all time applications have been reviewed.

Student Employment

Positions for 49% time or less, positions for 50% with an ending date of less than a year, and positions over 50% that fall totally outside periods of instruction (fall or spring semesters), are designated for UC Berkeley students and are to be listed with the Student Employment section of the Career Center. If the Career Center cannot fill the position, the department may cross-list it with the Employment Services Unit in HR.

Eligibility for student positions requires one of the following:

  1. Current UC Berkeley semester registration
  2. UC Berkeley registration from the immediately preceding semester (i.e., fall semester registration is acceptable through spring semester and spring semester registration is acceptable through summer)
  3. Acceptance or readmission to UC Berkeley for the upcoming semester


Departments have been delegated authority to waive recruitment for limited and casual-restricted positions of up to four months' duration. Any extension of such a waiver must be approved by the next level above the department head.

Special circumstances under which other waivers may be approved include the following situations: a candidate who is uniquely qualified in terms of skill, knowledge or ability, with confirmation that there is no other viable candidate; or time or funding constraints.

A waiver request should include reference to the current labor market, equity issues, specific skills required, and an analysis of the relationship of those skills to the position. A job description, the candidate's resume, and other background documents should be attached. Submit requests in writing to Jeannine Raymond, PhD, Assistant Vice Chancellor--Human Resources, with a copy to the Campus Affirmative Action Officer, Rich Lau.