University of California, Berkeley

Employee Organization Membership Payroll Deduction Authorization (Agency Fees)

Employees whose terms and conditions of employment are determined by a collective bargaining agreement may be required to pay an Agency Fee to their exclusive representative union. Under CA state law, Sections 3583-3585 of the Government code relating to higher education labor relations, eligible employees who do not pay union dues may be required to pay for the costs of "lobbying activities designed to foster collective bargaining negotiations and contract administration or to secure for the represented employees advantages in wages, hours, and other conditions of employment in addition to those secured through meeting and conferring with the higher education employer." The decision of whether an Agency Fee will be levied rests solely with each individual union.

With two exceptions, every employee exclusively represented by a union opting for the Agency Fee will be required to either pay union dues or the Agency Fee (UPAY 699)  (PDF). If an employee "is a member of a bona fide religion, body or sect that has historically held conscientious objections to joining or financially supporting public employee organizations, [such employee] would not be required to join, but would instead be required to pay a "service fee to a non-religious, non-labor charitable fund " chosen jointly by the union and the University. The decision of whether the employee is a bona fide religious objector will be determined on an individual basis by the union.