University of California, Berkeley

Leadership Development

There are many definitions and models of leadership. Berkeley currently has a program for emerging leaders, the Leadership Development program (LDP), that encourages people at all levels to engage in a program that develops leadership skills through involvement in comprehensive campus research projects. This program defines leadership as "exerting positive influence."

In 2013-14, the Berkeley Catalysts Program will be the leadership development offering for emerging leaders. It is a new program focused on our strategic priority of living our Operating Principles across the campus. The program incorporates many of the LDP learning strategies but differs in that staff apply their learning throughout the year directly and immediately toward projects in their unit.

We are currently working on developing leadership programs for mid-level to senior managers and executives, consistent with the university's desire to move to a high performance culture.

Staff at all levels are encouraged to build confidence, knowledge, and skills that enhance participation as a positive influence.