University of California, Berkeley

Shared Services Centers

UC Berkeley has created shared services centers in several areas of the campus in an effort to improve efficiency and service while reducing cost and risk of a decentralized delivery model.  Some of the shared services centers are multifunctional, others single function. Multi-function centers are located in the School of Engineering, Student Affairs, the College of Natural Resources, and in the Research control unit.

Campus Shared Services

As part of Operational Excellence, the Campus Shared Services (CSS) Center will consolidate administrative services in four broad areas: Business and Finance, Human Resources (HR) and Academic Personnel Support, Information Technology (IT), and Research Administration. Planning for CSS began in 2011. Early adopters were identified in April 2012, and a location was secured in May 2012. CSS will be implemented in a series of cohorts, beginning with early adopters in January 2013. For more information on Campus Shared Services, visit their website at