University of California, Berkeley

Workplace Violence Prevention

The University of California, Berkeley is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe environment for its employees. Threatening, intimidating, or violent behavior will not be tolerated in the University of California, Berkeley workplace. If such conduct occurs, it should be promptly reported to the proper authority and investigated.

To learn more about preventing and responding to workplace violence:

What you can do

  • Ensure awareness of this policy by faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate student employees within their areas of supervision.
  • Notify the appropriate office of an actual or impending threat of violence.
  • Assist in protecting from retaliation those who report threatening behavior.
  • Participate as necessary in planning and response efforts to mitigate the risk of workplace violence.

Getting help

Report workplace violence or threats of violence to the appropriate authorities as follows:

  • Violence in progress: UCPD (911 from campus phone, 642-3333 from cell phone)
  • Hostile situation in progress: UCPD (911 from campus phone, 642-3333 from cell phone)
  • Violence or hostile situation in progress away from campus: local police (911)
  • Hostility or threat of violence, but no immediate threat: UCPD, 642-6760, and Human Resources, 642-9046
  • Hostility or threat of violence of a sexual nature, but no immediate threat: Campus Climate and Compliance Office, 643-7985, or UCPD, 642-6760

If you are not sure whether there is an immediate threat of violence or hostility, contact the UCPD.

Examples of personal situations that pose a risk of violence in the workplace and should be reported to the employee's manager or UCPD include, but are not limited to:

  • Incidents or threats of domestic or intimate violence against an employee where it is possible that the threatening party could seek out the employee at work;
  • Receipt of threatening or harassing telephone calls, emails, or other communications;
  • Unwanted pursuit or threats by an outside party who has been observed at or near the workplace;
  • Any situation in which an employee has obtained a protective or restraining order naming his or her workplace as a prohibited area of contact.

Members of the campus community facing personal situations that involve violence or the potential for violence are encouraged to seek confidential professional help through University Health Services’ CARE Services program at 643-7754. CARE Services is a confidential resource which cannot disclose any information without permission from the client except as required by law.